Privacy Policy:

Turtle House has adopted the following policies:
Our web site is strictly intended to be used by adults.
To the children: Before sending any information about yourself over the Internet, be sure to obtain your parent's or guardian's permission.
To the parents and guardians:  We recommend that you take an active role in supervising the Internet activities of your children, especially when providing personal information while using the Internet. Any irrelevant information received from a suspected minor by Turtle House, shall be immediately discarded from our server.
Turtle House is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of anyone requesting information from our company. We understand that when you choose to provide us with information about yourself, you trust that your information will be kept confidential. This is why Turtle House will not disclose any personal information to anyone outside our company, (except to the property manager of Turtle House) unless it is required by law. Under such circumstances, Turtle House will advise you of such a request, as permitted by law. As part of this policy, all of our employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of their employment conditions.
Anyone concerned with the above policies, or their legal implications, is requested to communicate directly with the undersigned.
Any changes to our privacy policies will be posted on this page.


Eric and Karen Martin 
(owners of Turtle House)